The royals — they’re just like us! Seriously this time, though. Photos of Prince Harry‘s college dorm room at Eton College recently resurfaced, and one A-list star noticed something very interesting about one of the photos. Halle Berry took to Twitter to call out the Duke of Sussex for having a poster of the actress on his wall!

“Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you! #HalleBerryPosta,” she tweeted on Wednesday, Aug. 29 referring to the lyrics in Missy Elliott‘s 2002 hit song “Work It.”

Funny enough, Halle wasn’t the only woman featured in Harry’s dorm back when he attended school from 1998 until 2003. In the background were also photos of women in bikinis as well as a framed photo of his late mother, Princess Diana.

We should have known then that Harry fancies himself American actresses. As everyone knows, in May, Harry wedding former Suits star Meghan Markle. And even though Meghan didn’t land a poster in Harry’s dorm two decades ago, she ended up landing the prince and subsequently ended her acting career because of it.

But she’s ok with it. “I think what’s been so exciting [transitioning] out of my career and into, as you said, the causes I can focus even more energy on, very early out of the gate, [is that you] have a voice that people listen to, a lot of responsibility,” Meghan said in her first official interview with Harry last fall. “There’s a lot to do,” Harry added.

prince harry and meghan markle
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“I see it is a new change, a new chapter,” Meghan added. “I’ve been working on my show seven years, we were so fortunate to have that longevity, and I feel like I checked that box and am very proud of the work I’ve done there.” Who knows? Maybe she’ll return to the big screen one day for a film alongside Halle!

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