Tad Starsiak made such a lasting impression on Good Bones viewers that there was a major push for him to land his own HGTV spinoff show. The general contractor finally revealed whether or not that dream would become a reality.

“Are you going to have your own show on HGTV? Would definitely watch!” one fan asked Tad, 30, on Instagram on February 17.

The question prompted a candid response from the TV personality, who currently owns his own construction company.

“They had asked me to continue the TV world, but we couldn’t come to terms,” Tad explained in a comment. “I do feel much happier being away from it really. If I ever had another opportunity, would love a show called Constructing Happiness.”

It looks like for right now, Tad’s TV journey has come to a bit of a halt. The realtor and the rest of the Good Bones cast last appeared during the show’s tearful season 8 finale. The series finale was titled “Tad’s Next Chapter” and documented his Indiana home renovation as well as his engagement to Anna Spiars.

There was plenty of drama going on behind the scenes with the show’s cast, but at the end of the day, Tad was grateful for the opportunity given to him by sister Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mom, Karen E. Laine. Mina has since confirmed her own lake house spinoff show, while Karen has been filming her new Wilmington, North Carolina, home renovation for an undisclosed project.

Tad Starsiak poses with friends
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

“To all the fans, I feel like you all watched me grow up, and there’s something special about that,” Tad wrote on Instagram after the Good Bones finale aired. “To all those people who helped build me up and taught me what I know — Lenny, Terry, Brad, Cory, Mina, Adam, Zack and so many others, thank you. And most thanks to Mina and Karen, none of this would have been possible for any of us without you two.”

“I do know my family, friends and I got the opportunity to do what so many dream to do,” his post continued. “I know that we got to shine a spotlight on my favorite place, Indy, and in some regards, put it on the map for some. I know we made a lot of people happy and excited getting to tune into a new episode of Good Bones every Tuesday, maybe providing them some carefree entertainment from crazy everyday life.”