It’s not all bad vibes between the Good Bones cast members. HGTV’s Tad Starsiak and Austin Aynes were spotted hanging out together in a recent Instagram video, and fans of the show are relieved that their friendship is still going strong.

In the post shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday, January 23, Tad, 30, explained some of the “warning signs” of “burning out.” In one clip, he sat next to Austin, 31, at a table as they worked on their laptops.

“These could be your signs that you’re burning out,” the general contractor captioned the post. “Hopefully this helps you become aware of them and you know when to stop and take a break to recover.”

While many were thankful for Tad’s helpful advice, others were thrilled to see Austin, who has kept a pretty low profile since Good Bones ended its run after season 8 in October 2023.

“Austinnnn!! So good to see you guys together! Thanks for all the positive insight!!” one comment read.

Austin no longer works for Tad’s sister Mina Starsiak Hawk’s Two Chicks and a Hammer company. He is now a part of Tad’s Indianapolis-based construction and consulting company, The Hammer. The job came about after Mina and Tad had a falling out. Around the same time, Mina, 39, was looking to downsize her team.

“I wanted to try to find a soft landing space for as many people on my team as I could, and one of the things that I did because Tad does have his own company is [that] I reached out to him and said two of the people on the team, Austin being one of them, I’m not in a position where I can maintain a large team anymore,” she shared during an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast in October 2023. “I would like to be able to go to them with an option when I go to them and say, ‘I can’t maintain you anymore.’ That worked. Tad said, ‘Yes, I have room on my team,’ and he actually took on Austin, who is an amazing employee as well as another one of my employees.”

Tad Starsiak sits at table with Austin Aynes
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

Things have remained pretty quiet over on Austin’s Instagram page since the Good Bones series finale aired. He did share a heartfelt message to fans of the series ahead of the final episode.

“Thank you all for watching. It feels like a blur,” he reflected. “Y’all saw me go from fresh out of college to turning 31 in 2 weeks. I hope you all had fun along the way. Thanks to all the work friends I’ve made along the way, thank you to the production staff for all you did, thank you to @hgtv for putting us in people’s TV’s all these Tuesday nights.”