Mending fences? Good Bones fans called out Tad Starsiak for his ongoing rift with sister Mina Starsiak Hawk on Instagram.

In a video shared on his page on January 11, Tad, 30, explained some questions that people should ask themselves if they are feeling “mad or upset with somebody.” Included on his list of questions were, “Are my expectations reasonable?” “Am I angry at the right person?” and “Can I really change this situation?”

In the comments section of the post, one person wrote, “I hope this applies to you & Mina. Life is short.” While Tad did not respond to the comment, others chimed in with their opinions on the feud going on between the HGTV stars.

Another follower added, “I wish I knew the whole story about what went down there … it pains me to see family not talking.” In response, one person wrote, “I agree, is there really a problem or drama for attention. Maybe someone is being petty or overreacting.”

The general contractor did end up responding to one comment on the post a few minutes after it was shared.

“Just an observation … perhaps you spend way too much time in your head? Like you are lost in finding your way forward,” the comment read. “I think you need to spend less time in your head and find some new exciting things to fill your time & space. Not a criticism but spending so much time in your head is exhausting and frankly counterproductive.”

Tad replied, “Hey there, I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care, but I’m not feeling lost at all. I don’t find there to be anything wrong with being in your ‘head,’” adding, “The way you see the world lies in your thoughts, and the quality of those thoughts affects your biological body in profound ways. Some of the greatest minds ever lived in their heads — Mozart, Tesla, Edison, Yung, Freud, Nietzche, etc.”

Tad Starsiak holds cake with Anna Spiars
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

Mina, 39, first revealed details about her tension with Tad during an August 2023 episode of her “Mina AF” podcast. The realtor later explained that her brother said some “really awful stuff” to her via text, leading to their fallout.

Since then, they haven’t really been on speaking terms after finishing filming the final season of Good Bones last year. Now, Mina is focused on what’s to come in her career and life as a mom of two, while Tad is currently engaged to Anna Spiars.

“I’m working really hard at creating some balance by making some different life choices, continuing seeing my therapist and a little dose of Wellbutrin,” she told podcast listeners in January 2024.