Karen E. Laine is officially a grandmother again! The Good Bones star announced that she welcomed another grandchild over the weekend.

“When your baby has a baby, all the self-imposed rules about not posting pictures of kids who are too young to give permission go out the window, but just this once,” she captioned a photo holding the baby on January 20.

The little one was born to Karen’s daughter Kelsy Spaeth and her husband, Neil Spaeth. Karen welcomed Kelsy during her marriage to Randy Gray.

“Kelsy and Neil are doing a great job,” Karen, 61, continued. “I’m looking forward to watching them be amazing parents and getting to spend as much time as possible with this nugget. #bege.”

The doting grandma previously explained why she will no longer be sharing photos of her grandkids on her Instagram account.

“I had the honor of driving a grandchild to his last soccer game of the season,” she told her followers in October 2023. “And, when he is an adult, he will get to decide what pictures of him will be posted publicly. Until then, it’s me, the dog and blurry people in the background.”

Fans left hundreds of congratulatory messages in the comments section of the baby announcement post, praising Karen for being such a hands-on grandparent. The former lawyer shared the news about her grandchild shortly after revealing she was leaving Indiana to spend time at her new home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“It’s cold in Indiana, so I’m going to head to Wilmington for a few days,” she told her Instagram followers on January 11.

Karen E. Laine holds her grandchild
Courtesy of Karen E. Laine/Instagram

Prior to that, Karen spent the holidays with some of her family members, as Good Bones fans continue to wonder where her current relationship stands with daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk. During an October 2023 episode of her “Mina AF” podcast, Mina, 39, revealed that she and Karen “do not talk” following a “a knockdown drag-out [fight] during demo” while filming season 8 of Good Bones.

While Mina has spoken publicly about the tension with her mom as well as brother Tad Starsiak and Good Bones castmate Cory Miller, Karen has remained rather tight-lipped on the situation. It seems like these days, the DIY expert is honing in on renovating her dream home and blocking out the drama.

“This is going to be so much fun! And I’m going to take you all along for the ride,” Karen told her followers in March 2023 while showing off the house before starting construction.