Who would have thought? Gisele Bündchen is like any other mom. The mother to two kids — Benjamin, 10, and Vivian, 7 — revealed she likes to get a head start on her day because it’s the best way to “nourish” herself.

“Sometimes we forget about that. Life is so fast and there are so many things going at us and we feel like: ‘I have so much to do and I have so little time,’” Gisele, 39, explained to Vogue Australia on March 2. “This is why I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, because nobody needs anything from me at 5:30 and I can take care of myself … it’s like charging my batteries. I think it’s important to understand that it’s not just one thing. It’s not a quick fix. We gotta do the work.”

The supermodel shares her children with husband Tom Brady and she’s also a “bonus mom” to Tom’s 12-year-old son, John, from his previous relationship. During a Q&A with her fans on Thursday, February 27, Gisele revealed her “secret recipe” for managing time with her family.

“I think we just try our best to be present with the kids when we are with the kids,” she said. “I think it’s not so much [about] the amount of time. I think it’s the quality of time.”

The blonde beauty also explained how important it is to be “present” with your family when she spoke to Observer magazine in January. “I’ve been with my husband for more than 12 years now and, as you know, men are very … They want a lot of attention,” she said. “They need a lot of attention, like children do, like your family, your friends. So I think the important part is to have fully present moments with everybody.”

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“I think that leads to fulfillment, because they don’t have half of you, they have all of you in that moment and then they get recharged,” the Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life author added.

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