She seems like she has the perfect family, but that didn’t happen overnight, as Gisele Bündchen has put in the work to find the ingredient that works for her, Tom Brady and their little ones.

“I’ve been with my husband for more than 12 years now and, as you know, men are very … They want a lot of attention,” the 39-year-old said during an interview with Observer magazine. “They’re like, they demand … They need a lot of attention, like children do, like your family, your friends. So I think the important part is to have fully present moments with everybody. I think that leads to fulfillment, because they don’t have half of you, they have all of you in that moment and then they get recharged.”

The supermodel shares two kids — Benjamin, 10, and Vivian, 7 — with her longtime spouse, 42. Tom also has son John, 12, from a previous relationship. “I’m having this experience and having an exchange. I’m not picking up my phone or texting somebody or thinking about my laundry or my dogs,” Gisele told the outlet. “It’s the same thing with my kids. When I’m with them, I’m with them, on the floor with them, talking with them, really listening to them. Same with my husband.”

The NFL quarterback has also opened about his wife in the past, and some of the obstacles they deal with in their marriage. “We use a term in our house: CCC. Clear, current communication,” the athlete explained to Jason Kennedy on the series premiere of E!’s In the Room. ”Clear, like, ‘This is exactly how I’m feeling.’ And current, not like, ‘This happened six months ago.’ And you communicate about it. I think that’s helped us a lot.” Tom also discussed a roadblock the pair has encountered.

“It’s not like because I’m a football player, her life is going to stop,” the Super Bowl winner said. “The challenging part for us is we are very ambitious people. A lot of the times, I’m going one direction and she’s going in the other. It’s ships passing in the night. I’m going to football, and she’s got things she’s doing, and oh, by the way, the kids.”

Gisele and Tom may be very successful, but it seems like they work just as hard to keep their family functioning well.