Trouble in paradise?

According to Radar Online, George Clooney and Amal Clooney have been embattled in a longstanding disagreement over selling the actor’s beloved Lake Como house.

“She asked [George] if he’d ever sell and he pretty much told her no and to not bother asking that again,” a source told the entertainment news outlet. “She loves Como, but she hates how open it is and she’d love him to get something more private.”

george clooney's lake como house

George’s Lake Como house, photographed in 2004.

“Amal has good business sense and it’s a good time to sell,” the insider continued. “She found out how much he paid for it 13 years ago and its value has tripled.”

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George, 54 — who married Amal, 37, in September 2014 — purchased the lavish Italian villa in 2001 for a reported $10 million. The home is now estimated to be worth a staggering $100 million.

george and amal clooney

George and Amal in Italy in September 2014.

“Ever since he bought it he’s dreamed of making it his full-time home,” the source said, noting the Tomorrowland actor additionally owns mansions in LA, Los Cabos, Mexico and the English countryside.

“[Amal] feels vulnerable in that house,” the insider added. “Everyone’s betting they’ll be decamping to LA soon, but George will be missing Italy.”