While Noel Fielding is such a pro at getting The Great British Baking Show contestants to loosen up and have a laugh during the stressful competition, he’s just as sweet and calming at home with his two children, daughters Dali and Iggy. Keep reading to find out more about Noel’s kids. 

Who Is the Mother of Noel Fielding’s Children?

Noel has been with his partner, British radio DJ Lliana Bird, since 2010. The couple are quite private, rarely discussing their relationship in interviews and have only made a handful of red carpet appearances.

Who Is Noel Fielding’s First Daughter?

The comedian and Lliana welcomed their first child, daughter, Dali, in April 2018. She was named after Noel’s favorite artist, the iconic Spanish modern master Salvador Dali. The pair kept the pregnancy a secret until a month before Dali’s birth.

Noel gushed about his “beautiful” baby during an appearance on host British TV host Jonathan Ross’ show later that year. “I don’t know how that happened — look at my pointy visage,” he said, referring to his angular nose and jawline, adding, “She is very beautiful, and she blows my mind about a hundred times a day.”

The raven-haired funnyman explained that his party-loving lifestyle in his younger days prepared him for the lack of sleep that came with being a first-time dad. “It’s a new level of tiredness that I’ve never experienced,” he admitted.

“I mean obviously, I’ve done a lot of all-nighters, I haven’t been asleep since the sixties” he continued, jokingly adding, “In a way, I’ve been in training for this moment all my life!”

Who Is Noel Fielding’s Second Daughter?

Lliana revealed that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child in an August 2020 Instagram video, noting among her recipe tips that, “I’ve actually been baking a little something myself this lockdown.” The radio host didn’t reveal how far along she was, though she had a sizable baby bump.

Noel Fielding Kids
Courtesy of Lliana Bird/Instagram

The couple welcomed their new arrival sometime before an October 2020 Instagram post showing four home-crafted Halloween spiders made out of colorful microphone covers and pipe cleaners.

The Bird Fielding family of [spider emoji],” she wrote in the caption, along with the hashtag “Halloween crafts.” It served as the pair’s birth announcement, with fans and even some friends of the couple just finding out that the new baby had already been born, as they flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages.

It was later revealed that Noel and Lliana had another daughter, who they named Iggy Fielding-Bird. He missed the tapings of the The Great British Baking Show’s holiday competition episodes to spend time with his new daughter while on paternity leave. The shows were prerecorded in early fall when Noel decided to spent time with his new family of four instead of returning to the baking tent for festive Christmas and New Year’s bakes.

Has Noel Fielding Shared Photos of His Daughters on Social Media?

Nope! This dad is very private about his little girls. The closest he has come to mentioning or showing them on his Instagram page was in an April 26, 2022, abstract drawing he posted showing a curly blonde-haired Dali from behind and her little sister toddling next to her with short, fair hair. Noel wrote in the caption, “My two beautiful flower fairies.”