Rocker Gavin Rossdale had the best time ever with all four of his children on his 54th birthday. He took to Instagram to share a rare photo of him and his kids — Daisy, 30, Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, Apollo, 5 — together having a special family dinner.

“I am in heaven — Grateful for these 4 miracles,” he penned the caption. The Bush frontman shares his daughter with ex English fashion designer Pearl Lowe and he coparents his three boys with his ex-wife and singing sensation, Gwen Stefani.

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I am in heaven – Grateful for these 4 miracles

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“You know, we both manage to feed them and get them to school on time, more or less!” he previously joked to Us Weekly about the way he raises his kids with Gwen, 50. “They are doing really good.”

Gavin and the No Doubt lead have been doing an amazing job coparenting that he says their children are as happy as can be. “They’re really happy, and that’s it,” he gushed. “We’re doing the best we can.”

He also gives them a lot of great advice. “To be a whole, interesting and considerate human being that makes this world a better place. That’s it, that’s all I tell them!” he added.

Gavin’s advice for his children is a lot different than the advice he got from his dad, Douglas Rossdale, when he was a kid. “Never give up the chance to use the bathroom,” he jokingly said about what his dad used to tell him.

Since Douglas believed that things would always work themselves out, he didn’t share many helpful tips with his son. “No! He was pretty low-key on advice,” Gavin admitted. “His whole thing would always be just let it be, and things will work out. Let it be, let the pieces fall.”

Somehow that life lesson was all the “Love Remains the Same” singer needed to be successful. Overtime though, he did learn that it helps to have funny personality. “If you’re funny your life is easier,” he shared to Us Weekly. “You can learn to laugh through the hardest of times. I think humor is a beautiful tonic and a great way to learn and to think and reflect. So when [my sons] say things to me involuntarily, like when they’re funny or make me laugh, it makes me the proudest person in the world.”