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9 Times Celebrity Dads and Their Daughters Adorably Conquered Halloween

Every Halloween, we're used to seeing lots of pics of celebrity moms dressing up with their kids for the holiday, but there's something about father-daughter costumes that we have a soft spot for. Probably because most famous dads do not dress up with their kids! Sure they'll take their child trick-or-treating, but they're normally too lazy, cool, or both to be caught wearing a matching outfit with their little ones, especially if they have daughters.

Fortunately, that's not true for all celebs. Many famous men have no problem setting aside their egos to prove what awesome dads they are by taking their daughters trick-or-treating and dressing in matching costumes too! It's so seriously adorable, we wonder why more celebrity dads don't do it more often.

For comedian Patton Oswalt — who tragically lost his wife in 2016 — he had no choice but to step up and be his daughter's sidekick for Halloween. One year, his little girl went as Spiderwoman and Patton dressed up in an amazing Dr. Octopus costume, which he talked about in a hilarious column. And in case you're wondering where he bought such a unique costume, he didn't — he had Mythbusters' Adam Savage make it for him. Lucky!

Unfortunately, after the costume arrived, his daughter Alice, who was only three years old at the time, decided she didn't want to be Spiderwoman anymore — she wanted to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. As for Patton? She wanted him to be the Cowardly Lion, of course. Because he didn't want to disappoint his daughter, he switched the costumes at the last minute at her request — not before snapping a few amazing pics, though. Talk about great parenting skills!

Check out the gallery to see more celeb dads and their cute daughters on Halloween!