Quite the pair. Elizabeth Chambers and fellow actor Armie Hammer have been married almost 10 years, and through it all they have found a way to remain one strong unit — here’s how!

Elizabeth, 37, attended the ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration on Monday, October 14, in Beverly Hills, and spoke about many things, including her relationship with the Call Me By Your Name star, 33 — she revealed what it has taken for their marriage to survive Hollywood. “You just don’t take too much time apart. And you put each other first,” The Game Plan actress exclusively told Closer Weekly. “Sure, we’re both motivated and we always want to work and we always focus on work but the most important thing is each other and our family.”

Armie Hammer Elizabeth Chambers

“If you have to not take a job or not take something, you do that or you do the harder thing,” Elizabeth continued. “Like, I’m shooting in New York all day tomorrow and I could of easily taken a noon flight and be happily in my hotel room right now but I’m taking a redeye and heading to work straight at five am. You just, you do what it takes.”

The Hollywood couple tied the knot in 2010. They share two kids — Harper, 4, and Ford, 2. Elizabeth also explained how she and her love are partners in crime when it comes to everything. “Just knowing we’re team players. It’s not one sided,” Elizabeth said. “I think there was once a time probably a few decades ago where women did everything and what ever I don’t even know but like I think we’re in a really beautiful era where nobody’s expecting anyone to sacrifice their goals. You work together, you communicate and you make it happen. He’s for sure, ‘you have something tonight, I’ll do this, I’ll do bath, I’ll do dinner.’” So incredible!

While the pair is in the industry, they of course know about obstacles, and Elizabeth is all about handing down some strong advice to her children about facing them. “Don’t stress. It’s all gonna be good. Keep working hard. I tell my daughter the same thing. Hard work will pay off no matter what,” she explained.

It is clear that Armie and Elizabeth make one strong team!

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