A successful marriage isn’t easy to maintain, at least according to Amy Robach. The 20/20 coanchor exclusively spoke to Closer Weekly at the WebMD Health Hero Awards on Tuesday, January 15 in New York and revealed just how she and her husband, Andrew Shue, have stuck together for years.

The 45-year-old and her husband, 51, will ring in their 10-year anniversary on April 7 and Amy had some thoughts on what has kept them side-by-side for a decade. “A lot of hard work,” the ABC television presenter told Closer. “I mean we had the foundation of extreme passion and respect for one another and then yes, life gets hard, and five kids and ex-spouses and jobs that take us in different directions. It’s trying, but we work hard at it.” She added, “We’d gone to couples therapy. Oh my gosh. Several times at different points in our marriage and we’re not shy to say that that has been a huge part in our success as a couple that we work at it and we get help when we need it.”

Andrew Shue Amy Robach
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Amy also revealed what has been the most romantic thing she and her man have done for one another. “Oh my gosh, that’s a good question. Oh, I know, Andrew bought me, not that it’s always about buying something, but it was very sweet,” she began. “When we Summited Mt Kilimanjaro for my 5-year cancer-versary, he had bought me this beautiful tanzanite ring, which is a mineral that’s only formed in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and it’s this beautiful blue stone and he gave it to me for summiting which I thought was just so incredibly beautiful.” Amy added, “He even got down on one knee! Now I have to come up with something I did for him. you’re making me feel bad! He’s like the romantic. He really is. I’m the recipient of him being really romantic. I kind of keep the house clean, do the groceries. I do all the things that don’t seem romantic, but actually really are! Because I’m making sure the house is running smoothly!”

The couple isn’t just about their relationship either — they’re totally into their family, too! The pair has five kids: two daughters, Ava and Annie (who Amy had with her ex-husband, Tim McIntosh) and three sons, Nate, Aidan and Wyatt (who Andrew welcomed with his ex-wife, Jennifer Hageney).

While chatting with Closer, Amy also revealed that she and Andrew took all five of their children on a vacation to Turks and Caicos. “It was a family trip. We had all five kids. My Mom and dad and the oldest two already have like serious girlfriends, so there was 11 of us that went on New Year’s Eve. And it’s hard for us all to get together because two of the boys are in the college and to have every together was actually really, really, really special,” she shared.

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