Being a Dad Is His Best Role! Meet ‘Lou Grant’ Star Ed Asner’s 4 Kids

You may know Ed Asner for his countless roles in his long, iconic career — but you should also know that he is an incredible father to four kids.

The legendary actor tied the knot with his first wife, Nancy Sykes, in 1959. The couple would go on to have three kids — son Matthew and daughters Liza and Kate. The pair would split ways in 1988, but that wouldn’t be the end in the kids department for Ed. In 1987, the Up voice star would have his fourth child, a son named Charles, with his partner at the time, Carol Jean Vogelman. Ed — who turns 90 on November 15 — should expect his grown kids to be by his side when he celebrates his birthday, and they certainly have helped him age gracefully. However, he once revealed another secret to aging.

“Keep your mind active,” the Lou Grant star exclusively shared with Closer Weekly at his 90th Birthday Roast and Party in Los Angeles on November 3. He also shared some of his other secrets, saying that one should be all about, “working, reading,” and “being with people who can excite you.” It is clear that Ed has no plans of slowing down in his life.

Ed Asner

“Not as long as I can still lift my arms up to my head,” he once joked to Closer in an interview. “It’s getting more difficult — I can’t reach beyond my head, but if I can scratch my head, I can still work.”

“I want another 90 years!” he said with a laugh. “I have a few more roles I want to play, and if the good Lord is in a generous mood, I can show the world what I can do. … I love my work. It’s not work — it’s pleasure. Showbiz is sexy!” So great to hear! While Ed is still focused on his career and his next projects, it is clear that his first priority will be on his four grown kids.

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