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The Fountain of Youth — Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets to Staying Young

Everyone of course ages, but some people, especially in Hollywood, have found ways to remain looking quite young and fabulous even as the number under ‘age’ continues to increase — so it is time we all learn some celebrity secrets on not looking your age.

From Marie Osmond, to Elizabeth Hurley, to Reba McEntire, the celebrities below have each found a way to continue not only looking great as the years go by, but feeling fantastic as well. Just like Rob Lowe — who refuses to age — has found some tricks to staying young over the years.

Rob Lowe
Getty Images

“I don’t drink and I work out a lot,” the actor, 55, once told host Conan O’Brien. “I’ve learned some tricks. … Like I said, I don’t [party] or do any of the crazy things I used to do when I was wild and young, so I try to do things to let the wild man out, he added. “So skiing, surfing — adrenaline stuff.”

And that’s just one celeb spilling their secret!

Scroll on down below to learn more celebrity secrets on staying young!

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