She’s telling it like it is! When Reba McEnitre sat down for a new interview with People, she revealed all of her best secrets that keep her looking so young and healthy at age 64. Even though her birthday recently passed in March, Reba said she still feels like she’s “35, maybe 40″ years old.

“Used to be 60 years and one foot was in the grave. Now, maybe 85 is one foot, maybe 95. My momma’s 92. She still drives herself,” the country music star revealed. “She lives by herself. She’s spunky. She’s frisky.”

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By keeping herself active, Reba maintains her youthful figure. “I don’t like to be bored,” she explained. “If I’m at home by myself, I can take apart a closet, clean out a drawer, just find something to do, or just get outside on my porch swing and read a book or play a game on my phone.”

What’s her secret to looking so fit? Well, Reba says that it has a lot to do with hard work and dedication. “Watch what I eat, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water,” she said. “And it’s a chore. I used to be able to drop 10 pounds in a week by getting off fried foods and bread, and now it just takes so much.”

Reba explained that she doesn’t “count calories” either, but that may soon change. “I might have to start that because it just does not fall off, and I need it to fall off because I’m getting ready for the ACMs and then touring.” Though her tactics to combat weight gain has changed, she still thanks God every day for making her life so sweet.

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“I thank the Lord for the good night’s sleep, the bed I get to sleep in, the house I’m in. And it’s going to be a great day because he made it,” she gushed. “Live for the moment, live for today: Can’t do anything about what happened in the past, and don’t put your worries into tomorrow. Just think positive and it will manifest.”