At age 71, Susan Lucci's health is better than ever! The All My Children star recently stopped by Closer Weekly to give us some pro workout tips just in time for the launch of new activewear line with QVC, and quite frankly, we couldn't keep up with her high-intensity pilates workout. Watch the video above to learn how Susan stays so fit!

After getting in shape with Susan, we're not surprised she looks and feels so good today. The actress has been doing pilates for 20 years, and no matter how busy she is, she always finds time to fit in a session with her Pilates Pro Chair, which came into her life right before she appeared on Dancing With the Stars. "I get up about a half hour early every morning," she told Closer, adding that she started this routine when she was on her hit soap opera. "I wake up and have a cup of coffee and I go right into my Pilates Pro Chair before I even know what hit me!"

However, Susan also admitted that (just like many of us) it took some time for her to crack down on such a strict workout routine. "I thought I couldn't fit anything else into my life [between] raising children, running around, and my career. I just thought I couldn't," Susan confessed. "But in 25 minutes I can get a full body workout and the rest of the day no matter what happens I know I've done something good for myself."

In addition to her exercise regimen, Susan especially takes her healthy diet very seriously — in fact, she notes it's not really a diet, it's actually a way of life. "I eat a Mediterranean kind of a diet. Mostly very clean. A lot of superfoods," she told Closer. If anyone had told me I'd actually choose to have fruit instead of a cheeseburger or ice cream sundae, I never would have believed it."

Aside from Susan's very active lifestyle, she credits looking so amazing to her mama! "My mother looks really good!" she gushed. "We get a gene pool and our DNA and you just try to take care of it day by day, otherwise it's too overwhelming." Well, you make it look so easy, Susan!