His milestone 90th birthday is right around the corner, but Ed Asner isn’t worried about turning another year older. While chatting with Closer Weekly at his 90th Birthday Roast and Party in Los Angeles, The Mary Tyler Moore Show actor opened up about his upcoming birthday and revealed his secret to aging.

“Keep your mind active,” the Lou Grant star — who turns the big 9-0 on November 15 — exclusively shared with Closer at the event on Sunday, November 3. He referred to his secrets to living a long and prosperous life, including “working reading, being with people who can excite you, sexual.”

Ed Asner's 90th birthday event, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA - 03 Nov 2019

Ed, who is best known for his lovable role of Lou Grant on both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off series Lou Grant, also joked about being “excited” for his upcoming milestone celebration. “Oh, yeah, yeah. Don’t I look it?” he hilariously quipped.

While speaking with Closer in early October, Ed opened up about his iconic career and gave fans an idea of when he would consider retiring from acting. “Not as long as I can still lift my arms up to my head,” he adorably divulged. “It’s getting more difficult — I can’t reach beyond my head, but if I can scratch my head, I can still work.”

There’s no doubt that Ed is one of Hollywood’s most dedicated actors. In fact, the former president of the Screen Actors Guild gushed that he’s asking for more time on the big screen when it comes to his 90th birthday wish. “I want another 90 years!” he revealed to Closer with a laugh. “I have a few more roles I want to play, and if the good Lord is in a generous mood, I can show the world what I can do. I love my work. It’s not work — it’s pleasure. Showbiz is sexy!”

Actor Ed Asner, Los Angeles, USA

In a previous interview with Closer, Ed opened up about his long-running success as beloved character Lou Grant. Although he never achieved that sort of sustained success following his run from 1970 to 1982, it comes as no surprise that Ed is still one of Hollywood’s most beloved and accomplished stars.

“Well, I’ve got to pay off my bills,” he exclusively shared with Closer while nearly mimicking his most famous character. “I hit a dry spell when I first started out. I used to get the Los Angeles Times on Saturday night to look at the Want Ads for Sunday. I never could find anything else that I was suited for, and I didn’t have the adequate preparation to apply for the jobs, so I limped on until I finally began to make some money — and I haven’t had to go back to the Want Ads yet.” He continued while letting out his iconic laugh, “I’ve just been around too long for people to avoid me.”

We hope Ed has the best 90th birthday ever!

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