Dylan Dreyer loves spending time at home with her three sons, Calvin, Oliver and Russell. The Today star lives in a gorgeous apartment with her little ones and her husband, Brian Fichera.

Where Does Dylan Dreyer Live?

Dylan and Brian live in a beautiful apartment in NYC with their kids. Initially, they lived in a smaller apartment after getting married in 2012. They put the one-bedroom, one-bathroom place on the market in 2015 before finding their current digs.

The weathercaster loves to cook and often shows off her stunning kitchen with a marble kitchen island in photos on Instagram. Her children also love joining her in the kitchen to help out with cooking, grabbing things out of the cream-colored cabinets or sitting in one of the chairs to watch.

“Calvin and Ollie literally love to help in the kitchen no matter what I’m making,” Dylan told Hello! Magazine ahead of Thanksgiving in 2023. “They‘ll ask to help peel potatoes or prep the stuffing, but they enjoy making the pumpkin pie and apple crisp the most!”

While showing photos of her home on social media over the years, the meteorologist faced a lot of criticism from her followers due to the tight living quarters. She addressed the trolls in an Instagram post in January 2022, sharing a look at her boys’ room.

Where Does Dylan Dreyer Live? Photos of New York City Home
Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer/Instagram

“‘You have to move,’ they said. ‘You’ll never fit in your apartment,’ they said. ‘Time for a bigger place,’ they said. This is how you do it in NYC. I think they all fit just fine … for now. #nycliving #my3sons #roommates,” she captioned a photo of her sons in their shared bedroom.

So far, Dylan has not revealed whether or not she plans to move out of the apartment any time soon. It seems like it’s located in a prime location, right near the Today studio where Dylan appears each day.

Dylan Dreyer's sons in kitchen
Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer/Instagram

Does Dylan Dreyer Own a Vacation House?

In addition to her NYC apartment, Dylan also owns a second home in New York’s South Shore, according to Hello! Magazine. The seafront home boasts a huge kitchen with plenty of space for her kids to join her while cooking up delicious dishes.

Dylan Dreyer's kids in her second home
Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer/Instagram

Dylan once admitted that things in her house can get a bit messy with three young children running around. In January 2023, the TV personality shared an Instagram photo of Calvin making himself a sandwich in the kitchen. Her followers couldn’t help but notice several items left on the counter in the picture.

“Your counter makes me feel normal. Clean bottles drying and a fresh Tylenol. Kids man,” one person commented on the post. Dylan replied, “Oh man and that’s just what you can see! It’s a nightmare.”