Poor thing! Dylan Dreyer is opening up about her struggle with infertility in the hopes that her story will shed light on millions of other women and families who go through the heartbreaking experience. The Today meteorologist first began noticing signs of infertility when she suffered a miscarriage over the winter after learning that she and husband Brian Fichera were pregnant with baby No. 2.

“I’m devastated, and I have to go to work on the Today show and be happy and smiling and pretend like nothing’s wrong,” the 37-year-old told Today as she recalled bleeding during her second pregnancy. Dylan told her husband at that time it felt like she had lost the baby. “You didn’t lose the baby,” Brian then replied. “It’s your body doing what it needs to do. YOU didn’t do anything wrong.”

Unfortunately, Dylan did lose the baby. The doctor informed her that she suffered a miscarriage. The blonde beauty — who envisioned giving her 2-year-old son, Calvin Bradley Fichera, a little brother or sister — struggled for a bit before coming to terms with the lost pregnancy. In fact, Dylan dished that she eventually had to confide in her coworkers after they realized something was wrong.

After trying to conceive for six months without any luck, Dylan’s doctor suggested she see a specialist. There, the Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer host lost her second baby due to secondary infertility — which can occur when a woman who already has one or more biological children struggles to have another baby. “I didn’t know secondary infertility was a thing!” Dylan admitted.

One of the most difficult things about suffering from secondary infertility is constantly being asked when you’re going to be expecting again, Dylan said. The proud mom explained that people are always telling her, “Calvin needs a sister or brother,” to which she sighs and replies, “‘Yep, I know. Someday.’ I know they mean it in the best way possible. You just put a smile on your face.”


Dylan shared that she looks forward to the day when they can hopefully welcome another baby because, in her opinion, Calvin will be the best big brother. “I see Calvin with other kids and I see how loving he is,” Dylan gushed. “My friend just had a baby, and he held her and it’s just so sweet. And I wanna give that to him.”

The TV personality revealed that she decided to share her emotional story since secondary infertility isn’t talked about much or understood very well. Despite knowing that there could receive some nasty backlash from women who can’t even give birth once, the Journey With Dylan Dreyer host said miscarriage and infertility are painful no matter how many kids you have. “I just want people to know that, yeah, I’m kind of going through it with you,” Dylan said. “I don’t know where this ends.”

We’re thinking of you, Dylan!

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