This is just too cute! Dylan Dreyer‘s husband, Brian Fichera, captured a hysterical video of their toddler son, Calvin, begging his dad to watch Elmo instead of his famous mom on the Today show. “@DylanDreyerNBC, might I suggest doing the #OrangeRoom in a furry red suit to retain your most important viewer?” Brian captioned the adorable video on his Instagram page.

In the clip, two-year-old Calvin can be seen sitting on their NYC home’s couch while watching TV. “Want to watch mommy?” Brian asked Calvin while showing Dylan, 37, on the television screen. “No, no, no, no,” Calvin replied while shaking his head and beginning to cry. “What do you want to watch?” Brian asked his little boy, to which Calvin replied, “Elmo.” Watch the adorable video of Calvin below!

Dylan later joked about the funny moment on the following day’s Today broadcast. “Getting beat out by Elmo! But it’s Mommy! And I didn’t get to see him all day Monday so I thought he would’ve been happy to see me on TV. But not even a little bit,” Dylan said as her co-worker Al Roker laughed.

Thankfully, Dylan didn’t take her son’s rejection too hard as the mom-of-one still went all out for Calvin’s second birthday on Dec. 17. “My first homemade birthday cake!! Took all day but totally worth it!” Dylan captioned a series of photos showing her baking Calvin’s sprinkle-filled and rainbow cake before his party.

A few hours later, Dylan shared a cute picture of Calvin surrounded by his birthday gifts on social media. “You have no idea how much joy you bring into the world just by being you! Happy 2nd birthday, Calvin!! You are loved more than you’ll ever know… although we sure try to show you every day! #GoCalGo #TwoAlready??” she captioned the snapshot of her little boy wearing a cute Sesame Street sweatshirt.

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