Poor Donny Osmond! First, it was shoulder surgery because of a dancing snafu and now, the iconic singer has suffered his second setback this month after getting in a car accident! Donny, 61, took to Instagram on Monday, January 21 to let fans know that he’s OK after crashing his SUV into a tree while driving in Utah’s snowy winter weather.

“It’s snowing like crazy here in Utah, and guess who decided to hit a tree? Luckily no one was hurt. Jackie at Martin’s Collision said she will help me out. Thanks, Jackie! #mlkday2019,” the former child star captioned a photo of himself posing with his new friend Jackie as the two showed off his car’s damage from the crash. Take a look at the pic Donny shared below! 

Fans didn’t hesitate to console the “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” singer in the post’s comments section. “Glad you are OK. Please take care of yourself, Donny. I hope you didn’t injure your shoulder,” one fan wrote with another similarly adding, “Lucky tree, Donny! That’s some signature you wrote on it! Grateful to see you’re not injured.”

Even though Donny walked away unscathed from this car accident, he’s still recovering from shoulder surgery so we hope he’s able to take things easy from here on out. “Turns out dancing accidents aren’t so convenient after all. I’m home after a successful shoulder surgery and settling in for some serious #RestandRecovery,” the entertainer wrote to his fans via Instagram on January 4.

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Donny better make sure his health is in tip-top shape soon considering he recently announced that he’s coming out with his 62nd career album. “I’m excited to let you in on a little secret. I’ve officially started working on my 62nd album!” Donny revealed, adding that he thinks his fans are “going to love it.”

Funnily enough, the brown-haired hunk also recently admitted that “writing music five days after shoulder surgery is a little harder than I thought it would be” by sharing a photo of himself wearing a sling while attempting to play the piano.

We’re wishing Donny a speedy recovery are sending good vibes his way as 2019 continues!