Marie Osmond has been in the entertainment business since she was 4-years-old, so it is no surprise that she has had run-ins with plenty of iconic musicians. Who is one of them? Oh, you know, someone by the name of Elvis Presley.

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, which just happened to be the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s 84th birthday, the 59-year-old sat down with Andy Cohen on his show, Watch What Happens Live. During the interview, Andy, 50, began to speak to Marie about Elvis, and whether she ever knew him while he was alive. And well, Marie had quite the answer. “Yeah! I know everyone has their story but we have legitimate [stories]. He called my mom, [Olive Osmond], all the time. Loved her,” the Donny & Marie star revealed.

Marie continued, “She reminded him very much of his mom. And so, you know, he would call and I’d kind of try to hear and [my mom] would try to shut the door. And we’d go to Vegas and there was always a room full of flowers, never for us, always for her. Honestly, I think the reason our family is more open with fans through meet-and-greets… is because of him, really. He got very lonely towards the end, he isolated himself a lot.”

And while Elvis was all about late nights and parties, Marie can’t say the same about herself. She told Andy that she has always been about a healthy lifestyle. She said, “I believe in clean living, I really do. I think that it really helps you. I’ve never smoked or drank, but I’ve had a lot of fun, ok?” When Andy asked, “You never ever smoked or drank, did you?” Donny Osmond‘s sister once again made it very clear.

“Nope, I had many opportunities,” Marie revealed. “You know, when you grow up as a kid [in showbiz]… I worked with so many people and I watched the ramifications [of that lifestyle]. So it was more of an education and more of a decision made. There were a lot of opportunities but I just didn’t want that.”

Elvis of course passed away at the age of 42 after suffering a heart attack. Plenty of drugs were found in his system at the time.