Even though Don Johnson isn’t married to Melanie Griffith anymore, it does not mean that the pair aren’t still getting along after all these years.

“It’s pretty simple: when you love your children and want to share your life with them, it’s foolish to denigrate or have any animosity with their mother,” the Miami Vice alum, 69, explained to Stellar magazine. “Children model you more than they listen to you.”

Melanie Griffith Don Johnson
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The pair tied the knot twice — once in 1976, and again in 1989. The second time around their marriage would last seven years before they would split up. However, the duo did have one daughter, Dakota Johnson. The Working Girl actress would also say I do two more times — once to Stever Bauer and the other to Antonio Banderas.

Melanie has also been open about the good relationship she has with all of her spouses. “All of my husbands, my three husbands — I love them all so much, and we’re all very close,” she once gushed to InStyle during an interview. Having a good bond seems to be a running theme in this family, because even The Mask of Zorro actor, 59, has nothing but good words about his ex-wife.

“Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she is my best friend,” Antonio once told People. “I love her and will love her until the day I die. She’s my family.” While the former couple had daughter Stella together, the Golden Globe nominee also helped raised Dakota and Melanie’s other child, Alexander.

Melanie Griffith Antonio Banderas
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“I was there because I love their mother and I am totally taken with their mother and they were the most important part of what she came with,” Antonio explained to the outlet. “Very soon they understood that. They called me Paponio, a mixture between Papa and Antonio.”

Melanie may be close with all of the men in her life, but don’t expect her to go off on anymore dates. “I’m not looking,” she exclusively told Closer Weekly when asked what she looks for in a guy. “I think if one comes along, it’ll just be magic. But what am I going to do, go on Tinder?”