Fifth time’s a charm? Probably not in Melanie Griffith‘s case. The famed actress has been married four times to three different men, but after four divorces, the 61-year-old doesn’t think another marriage is in the cards for her.

“I really don’t think it’s relevant for anyone anymore. But especially if you’re 60 and you have four kids and you’re living the life you’ve always wanted. Then why get married?” the Working Girl star shared with InStyle in a new interview. “It’s, like, I would love to fall in love and have a romance, a relationship, but I haven’t. I keep looking. I’ve had a couple of lovers but not a relationship.”

don johnson and melanie griffith
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Melanie wed Don Johnson in 1976 and they weren’t married long before their divorce just months later. She then tied the knot with Steven Bauer in 1981 and they were married until 1989 — the same year she remarried Don. Melanie welcomed a son Alexander Bauer, 32, with Steven in August 1985. In October 1989, she and Don welcomed their now 28-year-old daughter, Dakota Johnson. After Melanie divorced Don for the second time in 1996, she married Antonio Banderas and the couple was husband and wife until 2015. They are parents to a 21-year-old daughter, Stella Banderas. 

But even though Melanie has had quite the complicated love life, she admits things aren’t as complicated behind the scenes as we may think. “All of my husbands, my three husbands — I love them all so much, and we’re all very close,” she admitted.

melanie griffith and antonio banderas
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Now that Melanie is single and looking fabulous, InStyle couldn’t help but ask about at least her dating life. When asked if she’d consider dating apps, Melanie hilariously replied, “No, Jesus. Tinder or something would just be so tacky, I think.”

And her kids aren’t helping her try to find Mr. Right. “I think I can find someone on my own. But if you know of anybody, please tell me,” she revealed to the publication.

When Melanie was married to Antonio, she had put her career on the backburner as they started their family because she said at the time it “was more exciting than playing a part in a story. You have to live your life and not just play somebody else all the time. And how can you play somebody else if you don’t live your own life?”

But now, she’s career-focused once again. “After getting divorced and, in a way, finishing up with my kids—my Stella is now 21— I have the time and the chance to reboot and revitalize my career, I guess you would say.” We’re here for her comeback!