Even though Dean McDermott fully supported his son, Jack McDermott, when he came out as gay at 17, he still wishes his 20-year-old kid would tell him more about his love life when he asks about it.

“It’s so funny, he’s so quiet about who he’s dating,” Dean recently admitted on his podcast, “Daddy Issues,” about Jack — who’s currently studying graphic design at San Francisco University.

“Like, he was just here, he came for four days. And we had dinner, and he’s like, ‘So, yeah, I broke up with Steve.’ I’m like, ‘I didn’t even know you were going out with Steve. Like, you don’t tell me anything.’ He doesn’t tell me anything about his boyfriends,” Dean added. “He’s like, ‘Yeah, we were going out for, like, a year.’ I say, ‘Yeah, as a dude why don’t you tell me?’ He says, ‘Eh.’“

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Dean admitted that his son Jack probably has one interesting love life because he’s a very attractive fellow. “My son Jack is gay … he’s this beautiful, 6-foot-4, beautiful Adonis,” the father of six said. “He’s just a gorgeous kid.”

Even though there could be a number of reasons why Jack doesn’t want to open up about his love life to his parents, one of them could be that he almost caught Dean and wife Tori Spelling having sex when he was younger.

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“When [Tori] and I first got together, I had Jack every other weekend,” Dean also explained during a previous episode of his podcast. “He couldn’t sleep one night and — we were making a lot of noise — and … I just happened to be looking that way towards the door. I saw the doorknob turn.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, s–t,’ and then a crack of light. I jumped off and sat on the edge of the bed,” Dean continued. “He said, ‘Dad is everything OK?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I just got a migraine.’” So funny!

We absolutely love this father-son dynamic.