Earlier this year, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s children were body shamed online, and now the actor is revealing that the couple’s 12-year-old son, Liam, took it quite hard.

“Liam picked it up,” the 52-year-old confessed on his podcast “Daddy Issues” with Nicky Paris and Adam Hunter. “He said, ‘Dad, am I obese?’ I said, ‘Look buddy — there’s some sick people in the world … and they need to say bad things about people.’”

He went on to tell his second oldest boy, “‘Think about it, son. You have a busy life. You have school, you got sports. Do you think you have time to go on Instagram, scroll through the people that you’re following, and make a negative comment about somebody?’ I said, ‘No, you don’t. You don’t, and if you did, you’d fill your time with something else. So think about how sick these people are that they have to do that.’”

The Chopped Canada alum also shares four other kids — Stella, 11, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and Beau, 2 — with the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 46. Dean also has a 20-year-old son, Jack, with his ex-wife, actress Mary Jo Eustace.

Back in January 2019, Dean had no problem calling out trolls who went out of their way to insult his kids after his wife shared a photo of all of them together — one message left on the comments section was, “Why do you let your kids get so fat?”

“I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by the comments being left about my children,” Dean said on the post at the time. “Body shaming and bullying my children??!! What is wrong with you people??!! For your information, we went from a long day at school to the movie. And I don’t know any child that is NOT disheveled at the end of the day. Not to mention that just before this picture was taken, they were wrestling and running around with all the other kids that were at the movie.”

This isn’t the first time that Dean has brought up online trolls on his podcast — in June 2019, he revealed how he is educating his children to deal with hateful comments. “I’m just like, ‘Enough is enough.’ I put my foot down, and I’m trying to teach my kids a more spiritual way of handling the criticism,” he noted.

“Social media was made to bring the world closer together and communicate with each other, not to give a voice to people who shouldn’t have one. I will always stand up for my children and I will always stand up for the underdog,” Dean added.

What great parents!