Fixer to Fabulous stars Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs are proud of their five kids who “all have their own unique talents,” the pair tells Closer exclusively. 

The home renovation experts revealed that their youngest daughter, Charlotte, is very interested in design just like her parents. 

“When we are actually in the welcome inn … [Dave] builds a dollhouse that replicates the inn and she likes to set up,” Jenny explains about the inn they renovated during their 2022 spinoff series, Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn. “She spent hours, hours setting up all of the furniture and making sure everything was perfect. And so she really loves it and she loves to help me pick pink colors and that kind of thing.” 

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Kids ‘Have Their Own Unique Talents'
Courtesy of Jenny Marrs/Instagram

Charlotte, 7, and her siblings, twins Nathan and Ben, 11, Sylvie, 10 and Luke, 2, have all continued to show more and more of their personalities around the family’s Arkansas home as they grow up. 

“I mean, Sylvie, our other daughter, she is an amazing cook … she likes to bake,” Dave shares. “Like she loves all the baking shows and she can just decorate and make any dessert. Amazing. And then we have an artist, Ben, one of our older twins, and Nathan’s more the builder like hands-on.” 

When it comes to their youngest son, Luke, the couple jokes that he is “like a 2-year-old wildfire running around.” All jokes aside, the pair are happy that their kids have the option to be involved in their hit HGTV show whenever they express interest. 

“Production and HGTV does such a great job of allowing our kids to be part of the show or part working in the shop with me when they want to on their terms,” the dad of five says. “And that was so important to us …  Our twin boys that are almost 12, they don’t really have a desire right now to be on TV, but the younger ones do.”

The couple first found success when their show aired in October 2019 by restoring historic homes in their town of Bentonville. While Dave and Jenny have become two of the most popular faces on the network, their kids have become accustomed to their parents’ jobs on and off television. 

“Normally we’re just at a job site and they’re used to that. That’s what they’ve done, their whole lives,” Jenny adds. “So for them, it’s just a sort of normal life. It’s just work. It’s our job.”