This may remind you of your age, but Courteney Cox recently shared a photo of her daughter, Coco, asleep in front of a TV show — that show? Yes, Friends. Talk about a full circle, folks.

The 54-year-old took to Instagram on Friday, February 15, to post a lovely picture of her daughter, 14, fast asleep on the bed with a laptop opened in front of her. On the screen is a scene from the iconic NBC show that features Courteney’s character, Monica Gellar, talking to Jennifer Aniston‘s character, Rachel Green.

Take a look at the photo below!

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#fbf awww…I put her right to sleep.

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#fbf awww…I put her right to sleep,” the actress captioned the photo. The comments were all about it too, as one person said, “Does your daughter get how great the show was and how you were also?” Another user added, “I hope to share Friends with my kids one day.” And one person admitted, “This is me EVERY night! I watch Friends at bedtime.”

The comedy wrapped up its incredible run in 2004, but the show is more popular than ever as syndication, especially on the Netflix platform, has allowed a new generation of viewers to enjoy the program. And it’s pretty clear that Courteney’s own daughter is a fan of her mom’s most famous work.

Courteney Cox Coco
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In fact, the Golden Globes nominee and her costar Lisa Kudrow had a mini-reunion last month on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as Courteney stopped by the program to promote her new Facebook Watch Series 9 Months. “I wish Lisa Kudrow was here because that would be fun,” the 61-year-old host said before Lisa, 55, who played Phoebe Buffay, suddenly appeared onstage.

“You’re here! This is a shock,” the Scream alum said to her pal. “I wish you had your guitar here. That would be fun,” Ellen told Lisa at the time.

All of this Friends talk has now gotten us in the mood to throw on an episode and enjoy the laughs!