Later this month, it will be a year since the tragic passing of Republican Sen. John McCain, who died after brain cancer — but now his widow, Cindy McCain, is speaking out.

The businesswoman, 65, who has been fairly low key since the passing of her love, recently joined with People to share her thoughts now that John has been gone a year. “Our heaviest grief has subsided, which I’m sure would have prompted John to wise crack, ‘It’s about time.’ He could never stand still, and he didn’t want us to languish in our loss,” Cindy wrote. “Neither did he want us to mark the anniversary of his passing with solemn commemorations and tears, but to celebrate the life we shared with him.”

John McCain Cindy McCain
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“It was a struggle at times to reach this point. I was so accustomed to sharing life with John, there were days when I felt overwhelmed by his absence, and the habits and little problems of ordinary life seemed a challenge,” the humanitarian continued. “But you learn it’s okay to not be okay every day. You learn to live with a broken heart, and the bad days become fewer, and the time in between richer and more meaningful.”

Aside from his wife, the late politician left behind seven kids — Douglas, 59, Andrew, 57, Sidney, 52, Meghan, 34, Jack, 33, Jimmy, 31, and Bridget, 28. “Being a mom helped. My children are adults, but they were hurting too, and being a trusted counselor and supportive presence to them is the most fulfilling purpose I have,” Cindy explained. “Best of all, I’m expecting a new grandson, a cause for tears of joy not sorrow.”

“I moved back to the neighborhood where I grew up, where John and I began our married life and where we raised our children,”she said. “I feel comforted there by the lifetime of happy memories and nurtured by the familiar sights and rhythms of the neighborhood.”

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Even though her soulmate is gone, Cindy does reveal that it has become a bit easier now that more time has passed on. “Things are getting better, as he promised us they would before he left us,” she said. “We still miss his dynamism, his humor, the adventures we shared, the fun we had together. We miss his fighting spirit, especially when it served the causes he cared about most — respect for the dignity of all people and the political values that best protect it: liberty and justice for all.”

“John was never happier, never more satisfied, never more sure of himself than when he was helping the good guys fight the bad guys to help the little guys,” Cindy added.

It is no surprise to see how strong Cindy has been through this all — her daughter Meghan once touched on that. “I love you, Mom @cindymccain,” The View cohost wrote in an January 13 Instagram post. “Grateful for your love, strength, never-ending support, and always knowing how to perfectly wear black turtlenecks and Chanel. You’re the toughest and most resilient of us all. Thank you for selflessly guiding us through and being a bright light in so much dark.” Incredible!