Whoever said Christie Brinkley and her 21-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, don’t look alike were absolutely wrong! The mom of three shared a couple of photos to Instagram of her and her daughter hugging by the Christmas tree at home. They both wore white matching outfits and had their hair in the same style. If we didn’t already know that Sailor was the supermodel’s kid then we would have definitely mistaken them for twins.

Christie, 65, captioned the shots, “My Sunflower Sailor Lee and me on Christmas with our traditional Christmas tree. 🎄(we also have a tree decorated only by treasures found on the beach!) #luckyhousepc.”

After catching a glimpse of the photo online, Christie’s fans noted just how similar she and her daughter look. “TWINNING! Definitely Twinning!!!” one of her followers said. Another added, “Your daughter looks just like you,” and a third commented, “Like sisters you look 💕💕💕.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum also posted a pic of Sailor and her boyfriend, Ben, kissing by the Christmas tree. “Happy Merry Christmas Birthday, Ben! What a perfect day for someone as sweet thoughtful and kind to be born! We all love you! 🌴🎄,” she penned the caption.

Sailor and her mom have such a close bond. In a previous interview with Closer Weekly, the model revealed how Christie taught her to be more comfortable in her own skin, and it has everything to do with your attitude. “She’s mostly just told me to smile — that’s like her No. 1 advice, especially for confidence — to, you know, ‘smile and you’ll feel it,’” she explained. “I honestly believe that too.”

This is something the blonde bombshell has been teaching her kid since Sailor was a little girl. “When I was younger, I’d be like, ‘No, that’s so stupid! Smiling doesn’t make you happy,’” she added. “But if you just put a smile on your face and put your best foot forward, it’s easier. It’s easier to get through all of the bad stuff.”

Not only do Sailor and Christie look like twins, they also exude the utmost confidence!