They grow so fast! Chrissy Teigen is quite the proud mom, as she revealed that her young son Miles has said his first word.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday, June 20, in order to share a video showing her baby boy, 1, speaking. “When your first word is ‘yeah!’” the model captioned the clip. In the vid, Chrissy’s mom, Vilailuck Teigen, asks her grandson whether he loves a certain family member, and Miles can’t help but to repeat the same word over and over again.

The Lip Sync Battle cohost even compares her only son to her husband, John Legend, adding that her daughter Luna’s first word was ‘no.’ “They’re exactly us,” she said. Fans were loving the video too, as they rushed to the comments section to respond.

“This is the cutest baby to me,” one person said. Another added, “This just makes me smile.”

Chrissy and her man, 40, tied the knot in 2013, and Miles and Luna, 3, are the only kids they share. However, we probably shouldn’t expect the happy couple to add baby number three to the lot anytime soon. “It’s definitely not in the cards right now because I feel like I’d miss out on Miles,” the Cravings author told People. “Luna was a great age because she was growing up, she was speaking, and we knew that another baby could fit into the mix.”

“And then Miles is just so little, I don’t want to miss out on any of his moments,” she continued. “So I definitely want another child but definitely not now. I think we’re gonna space this one a little longer than the two of them.” Chrissy even recently turned down speculation she is pregnant when a fan asked her about a potential “baby bump.”

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“I know you didn’t mean it to be rude but think twice asking this, there are people who have trouble conceiving and it hurts every time,” the celebrity mom said. “I’m not pregnant but would be happy if I were. But I’m also happy not to be!”

Well, it seems like Miles’ “Yeah” will be the last first word Chrissy and John hear in their household … for now!