I’m pretty sure we’re already all in agreement that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s daughter, Luna, is one of the cutest celebritots around. Every time we see her, though, she somehow gets even cuter. In addition to being adorable, she’s also just straight up hilarious, and has already showed off her incredible dance moves, used an an Arthur doll to troll her dad, and shrugged off meeting Cher Horowitz herself (and in costume nonetheless). 

Now that she’s starting preschool, she’s proving she really is an absolute legend (okay, technically she’s a Stephens) by being the feminist hero we all need and pushing around boys on the playground. Check out the video above as Luna tells mom Chrissy Teigen all about her day at school.

Okay, okay, okay, we know, don’t encourage bad behaviors in toddlers, pushing is wrong, blah blah blah. We get it. And Chrissy knows too, for the record. She even captioned the video, “GUYS. ???.” But all that aside, this video is pretty funny, and fans of the mom of two seem to agree. While some could only focus on the second part of the video, teasing, “I also hate when I can only remember what happened in Bali,” others decided the celebrity kid was a tiny feminist hero. “My future daughter,” joked one commenter. Another wrote, “Chile, I’m still pushing boys @ 38. It never stops.” “That’s right baby, you keep those stinky boys away,” said a third.

Other followers had parenting advice — and just plain sympathy — for Chrissy on how to deal with pushing. “Biting then licking then pushing…. sounds about right,” wrote one mom. “The biting stage lasted the longest in this house! Those sharp teeth.” Others chimed in, adding, “It’s not good day if I’m not trying to forcibly push my toddler girl back from licking my face ???.” “She’s got ‘big sister syndrome’!” warned a third fan, using the hashtag #KeepYourEyesOnMiles. 

If it is “big sister syndrome,” the good news is that Chrissy already knows the perfect person to call. Her good pal Kim Kardashian has already gone through the stages of dealing with an older sister getting used to having a baby brother. It’s no secret that North West has no real interest in hanging out with her little bro Saint West, and that the one time she voluntarily shared with him was notable enough that her mom shared the story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hopefully, these moms can share tips and tricks — and pictures of their playdates, too.