‘A Bronx Tale’ Star Chazz Palminteri’s 2 Kids Are Extremely Talented! Meet Dante and Gabriella 

A Bronx Tale actor Chazz Palminteri shot to fame starring in the autographical one-man show in 1989. It was later adapted into a 1993 film and a 2007 Broadway show in which his two children, Dante Lorenzo Palminteri and Gabriella Palminteri, became big fans. They have both also decided to pursue careers in the entertainment industry just like their dad. 

A Bronx Tale depicts the coming-of-age story of Chazz, who grew up in New York City, and witnessed those around him become involved in violent crimes. In a January 2008 interview with Spectrum News, he spoke about how much his son loved the play and its Broadway adaptation.

“My son saw my show for the first time and at the end of it he was like amazed,” the Academy Award nominee said. “He was hugging me and kissing me. And he is 12 years old and he said, ‘Dad, I promise you I won’t waste my talent.'”

Chazz became a dad for the first time in 1995 when he and his wife, Gianna Ranaudo, welcomed their son, Dante. Gabriella arrived in 2001. Becoming a parent gave the Modern Family alum a whole new outlook on life. 

“Fatherhood has changed me. It’s made me more responsible,” he told OK! Magazine in January 2009. “It’s not just me I have to worry about. It’s not just me and my wife — it’s these kids that walk around and look at you and go, ‘Daddy, what’s up? What’s going on dad? Are you going to pay for my college? Can I have a car? Can I have this? Can I have that?’ You can’t let them down.”

Early on in his kids’ lives, he realized that they both were interested in acting and performing, a passion he also felt at a very young age. 

“My kids love sports, but they also love show business,” he said. “My son likes to play guitar and piano. He’s like a rock star. He also loves acting. So does my daughter — she loves singing and acting. I have two kids here who want to be in the business. That’s OK — I’ll help them as much as I can, and then it’s up to them to decide whether they want to do it.”

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