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16 Celebrities Out Trick-or-Treating With Their Kids — in Costume!

Going door to door for free treats with your kids is by far one of the best parts of celebrating Halloween, but what makes it even more fun is family themed costumes! Celebrity parents like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Garner understand this all too well, and they're not afraid to flaunt those festive costumes while taking their kids trick-or-treating!

Over the years, plenty of stars have been photographed walking with their kids as they've collected candy, but there's one trick-or-treat sighting that slipped through the cracks — Tom Hanks with Sean Penn and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Back in the '90s, the three men happened to be in Washington, D.C. with their families all at the same time, on Halloween nonetheless.

"We were in Washington, D.C., on Halloween," the 61-year-old recounted. "It just so happened Arnold Schwarzenegger was in town doing True Lies… So me and my kids, Sean and Robin [Wright], and Arnold and his kids went out trick-or-treating together, in Georgetown."

"If anyone was to come out of their house to see who's on the sidewalk, they're going to win the celebrity lottery here," Tom joked. "Arnold was saying to us, 'Come on, hurry up, you snooze you lose, get up there with your candy.'"

Now that's one experience we would have paid money to see! Unfortunately, the actor didn't mention if the adults were in costumes, too — but we have a fun mental image of the trio decked out in superhero getups while being accompanied by their little sidekick trick-or-treaters. We can only imagine the shock and awe other parents felt as they walked by the stars on the street (assuming they even noticed!).

Check out the gallery below to see famous parents who dressed up to take their kids trick-or-treating. It just may give you some good family Halloween costume ideas!