Carrie Ann Inaba is heartbroken to announce she ended her relationship with former boyfriend Fabien Viteri after less than a year of dating. The Talk alum revealed the news on Instagram, noting she’s doing her best to stay “strong” amid the split even though she’s “so sad it’s over.”

“I am single. Again. I am also … grateful for what was,” the 53-year-old beauty wrote via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, May 12. “Confused. Uncertain of the future. Sad. Hopeful. Trying to allow the emotions. Trying to be strong, allowing myself [the] space to cry and I will grow. And I will evolve. And I will survive this too. And I will honor that gift that it was.”

Courtesy of Carrie Ann Inaba/Instagram

After sharing the initial news, the Dancing With the Stars judge reflected on her romance with Fabien by posting snapshots of the two during their relationship. The former couple looked so happy in each of the photos, which featured them visiting the beach and enjoying the outdoors.

The In Living Color actress then got more candid about their breakup. “Sometimes, the things you thought were forever, end up only being temporary. Finding the strength to accept that it’s over is enormously painful,” she emotionally penned. “Losing your friend … losing the hopes and dreams … your partner … the person you shared everything with .. your person … your love. It’s hard.”

Carrie Ann said she decided to be so open about their split because she’s “not going to fake that I am OK.” Because her relationship with Fabien was “real” and “true love,” the Austin Powers in Goldmember actress plans to “celebrate my emotions, because it tells me that I’m alive and that my heart loves deeply.”

The TV personality — who announced her “leave of absence” from The Talk in late April — said despite going their separate ways, she’ll never regret the time she spent with the handsome hunk. “I’m grateful it happened. So very grateful,” she gushed.

Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Carrie first revealed the news of her relationship with Fabien during a September 2020 episode of The Talk. At the time, she told her cohosts she was in a “committed relationship” with a man whom she’d met around her Los Angeles neighborhood.

“I have fallen in love,” she marveled. “He’s older than I am, and he’s a wonderful human being. And now, I understand how a relationship can work. He’s been so supportive and a mature adult ‘cause maybe sometimes I’m not, so that’s working really well.”