Oh my! Carrie Ann Inaba had quite the embarrassing moment on the October 14 episode of Dancing With the Stars! She accidentally fell off her chair when she was in the middle of critiquing The Office star Kate Flannery’s jazz routine — and the worst part about it was that everything was caught on camera.

The instance happened when host Tom Bergeron pointed out that Kate’s dancing broom prop was right near the judges table. While Carrie Ann got up to look for the broom, she ended up falling backwards once she tried to sit back down as her chair had slid out from underneath her.

Once Carrie Ann hit the floor, her cohost Len Goodman leaned back to see if she was OK and Bruno Tonioli immediately stood up to check on her. However, it was Kate, her partner, Pasha Pashkov, and the DWTS stage hands that rushed to Carrie Ann’s side.

After everyone helped her up, Carrie Ann gave Kate and Pasha a hug before she finished her critique of their “A Spoonful of Sugar” dance from Mary Poppins and took her seat again in a very cautious manner.

“It was a slip!” the 51-year-old dancer joked while laughing off the accident. Tom also checked in on Carrie Ann to make sure she was OK.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “I knew those chairs were gonna be trouble!”

Even though Carrie Ann must have felt very embarrassed, she probably texted her cohosts on The Talk —  Sharon OsbourneSheryl UnderwoodMarie Osmond and Eve — to tell them all about her embarrassing accident. After all, Marie did reveal that she and the ladies like to keep up with one another using a group text that only they’re apart of.

“OK, you want a scoop?” Marie, 59, recently revealed to Closer Weekly. “I’ve been telling everybody I’m so happy because now I’m on the group text, so it’s like ‘lunch here, we will meet up here.’ It’s just so fun.”

Carrie Ann now has a great story to tell people at dinner parties. We’re just glad she is OK because DWTS wouldn’t be the same without her!