What a cute look down memory lane. Plenty of women had a crush on Brendan Fraser when he appeared in the 1997 film George of the Jungle, but there was also someone else who had feelings towards him: his costar, Leslie Mann.

The actress, 47, appeared on Busy Tonight on Wednesday, May 15, and looked back on her time on set with the 50-year-old, which included a sweet greeting before starting to film. “Every morning before work we were in the hair and makeup trailer getting ready. And he would come in and kiss me on the lips,” the Knocked Up star told host Busy Philipps, adding that she was “in love with him.”

Leslie Mann
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“Just like, ‘Good morning!’ And kiss. You know, like he’s European or something,” she continued. However, things got quite strange when the actor attempted a kiss during an awkward moment.

“He caught me off guard! I took a big bite of oatmeal and he was like right behind me … And he went into kiss me and my lips had like a sticky oatmeal film on them,” she recalled. “Never kissed me again after that.” But does the actor remember that moment? Well, he was able to answer that!

To everyone’s surprise, The Mummy star stepped out to a ton of cheers, and a very shocked Leslie. “Did you know I was in love with you?” she asked, although Brendan seemed more eager to confirm that he did indeed remember that “oatmeal incident.”

Brendan Fraser
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“It was maple oatmeal,” he explained. “I don’t like maple syrup.”

While they may have had a strong connection, the pair did not overcome that oatmeal situation, and ended up marrying other people. Leslie has been married to filmmaker and comedian Judd Apatow since 1997 — they share daughters Maude, 21, and Iris 16. On the other hand, Brendan tied the knot with actress Afton Smith in 1998 before parting ways 20 years later. The pair had three sons — Griffin, 16, Holden, 14, and Leland, 13.

Well, at least Leslie and Brendan will always have their George of the Jungle memories … and the memory of this surprise appearance too!

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