Leave it to Matthew McConaughey to casually mention a crush he has on a fellow actor.

The 49-year-old recently sat down with ET to discuss his new movie Serenity, which also stars Anne Hathaway and Diane Lane. But it is the latter that Matthew is all about. “I told her [about my crush], first thing, too,” the actor said about Diane, 53. He continued, “I said, ‘Do you know how long I’ve had a crush on you, Diane? Since [she starred in] Lonesome Dove.‘” I told her straight up!” Lonesome Dove was a mini-series on TV way back in 1989. The series also starred Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall.

But fast-forward 29 years later and Matthew has found himself on the same set as Diane in their new movie. In the film, Diane plays Matthew’s love interest. Here’s what the Interstellar star had to say about working with his longtime crush: “[She’s] fun and cool — and she’s a great actress.” The Oscar winner continued, “So, to be able to work with her was… it was a bit of a time travel, because when I had the crush on her, when it began with Lonesome Dove, I was really young and not even in this business. [Now] I’ve been doing it for 25 years. So, I time lept forward, and she doesn’t look much different.”

Diane Lane
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Matthew added, “I did the time travel and, I’m sitting here now with my crush in a scene that has some of that feel in it.” As for Anne, she wasn’t as open as her co-star was in revealing her current crush. “I’m a happily married woman,” the Les Misérables actress teased. “I didn’t say [I don’t have a crush], I’m saying I’m a happily married, respectful woman… so yes, there are people that make me flutter!”

Now Matthew, Anne and Diane have had fantastic careers, but Matthew once revealed that he actually audition for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic. “I went and auditioned. I wanted that,” he once admitted on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter Podcast. “I auditioned with Kate Winslet, had a good audition, walked away from there pretty confident that I had it. I didn’t get it. I never got offered that.” The part eventually went to some guy named Leonardo DiCaprio.

No word yet if Matthew also had a crush on Kate.