Tech savvy! Beverley Mitchell revealed she created Instagram accounts for her two kids — Kenzie, 7, and Hutton, 5 — because she wanted to give her children a platform to showcase their “big personalities.”

“They kind of liked having something up,” she explained about the photos she shared of them on her account. However, after the mom of two noticed some people were “stealing” her family pics and using them for their own personal gain, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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“I was like ‘Alright, well I’ll just take control of this.’ I want their story to be properly curated so that way we knew what we were putting out there,” she said about her children. “They’re just happy little kids.”

One thing Beverley loves to share on their new social media accounts is the adorable things they do. “Yesterday I was just going through my videos and I saw that one of Kenzie playing the piano and it was such a tough day so it was so nice. I was like ‘I feel like the world needs to hear something pretty and sweet,'” the Right on Track star gushed. “So you know I put it up yesterday and just hearing the responses is pretty cool.”

Beverley also loves to post videos of Kenzie and Hutton reading. She said it helps their self-esteem and makes them want to tackle more books. “They’re not the perfect readers. They’re still learning. Hutton’s only 5 so he basically memorizes a book and then repeats it by memorization,” she explained. “And then Kenzie’s reading but she was struggling for a really long time so it’s been a big confidence boost.”

Kenzie’s new Instagram account has made her feel like she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it. “It’s been interesting to see how she’s more confident reading if I’m videoing her versus if she’s just reading to me regularly so I was like ‘Well, if it’s a confidence tool, let’s play with it.” Sounds like Kenzie and Hutton are already on their way to becoming Instagram influencers!

Fans can follow along with Beverly and her kids’ life at home on Instagram via @beverleymitchell.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.