Getting real! Pregnant Beverley Mitchell says homeschooling her two kids has been “a roller coaster” amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 7th Heaven alum exclusively tells Closer Weekly.

“It’s hard for me because I commit my whole morning, like, I don’t get any work done and I commit from like 7:30 a.m. to usually 12:30/1:00 p.m. to just homeschooling Kenzie,” Beverley, 39, says. “And then I try to get work done in the afternoon which is definitely a challenge because I feel like trying to do the balance is hard.”

Thankfully, Beverly’s husband of 11 years, Michael Cameron, is a huge help. He looks after Hutton while Beverly focuses on Kenzie. “I am very grateful for that because we have a really good team system working,” she gushes. “And I do have to say that Kenzie is surviving and she’s getting more confident and the places where I think she needed a little bit more help, I’ve been able to offer that to her so that’s great.”

The dynamic at home will change once the actress welcomes baby No. 3 with Michael. Beverley revealed she was pregnant on March 17, nearly two years after she suffered a miscarriage. Despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, Beverly is using this time in quarantine to bond with her kids before their new sibling arrives. “I think it’s kind of nice to be able to spend this time with them,” she says. “So there’s blessings and frustrations all in the same breath.”

Even though homeschooling Kenzie may be difficult, especially since she’s three months along in her pregnancy, Beverly admits some days will always be better than others. “Yesterday I would say I was epically failing. We had a lot of tears, a lot of stomping and door slamming. But today we’ve gotten all of our work done,” she says.

The Right on Track star gave birth to Kenzie in 2013 and she gushes about her daughter’s work ethic. “Kenzie’s definitely the pleaser. She works really hard,” Beverly says. “She’s focused, she wants to do better. She’s my little princess.”

The Candy Cane Christmas star and Michael welcomed Hutton, in 2015, and he’s her mischievous one. “Hutton, you know he’s 5 so he’s testing every limit there is and pushing me to the brink pretty much every day ’cause he’s just very big personality,” she reveals. “He’s this great thinker, he’s super smart which is incredibly challenging and yeah he wants to know exactly how far he can push and he’ll push a little bit farther just to see if there’s any stretch, and drive us absolutely bonkers.”

Fans can follow along with Beverly’s pregnancy and her life at home on Instagram via @beverleymitchell.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.