Actress Barbra Streisand just added a new talent to her resume — movie critic! When Lady Gaga was cast in the lead role in the latest A Star Is Born remake, she filled Barbra’s shoes because the Hollywood icon previously played the role of an up-and-coming singer in the 1976 iteration of the movie. We can’t imagine how intimidating it must have been for Lady Gaga knowing she was about to play the same character as 10-time Grammy winner Barbra did but, thankfully, the singer had supportive words about the new movie.

“I haven’t seen it completed. Bradley [Cooper] did show me the opening,” the 76-year-old recently told The New York Times. “I loved how he used the drag bar. I thought that was new and interesting. What I’ve seen of the film I really liked.”

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The original film starred Barbra, Kris Kristofferson, and Gary Busey, and not surprisingly, earned an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 1977 Oscars. Knowing she had big shoes to fill, Lady Gaga, 32, reached out to Barbra before the remake was released in theaters, Barbra admitted to E! News. Luckily for the “Million Reasons” songstress, the singer-songwriter had movie-musical insight that she was more than willing to share with Gaga.

“I told her to [sing the songs] live, and she wanted to do it live, so that’s good because that’s the best way to do it,” Barbra told E! News. “But their songs are different… it’s a good movie, it’s gonna be a hit.”

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Barbra also had kind words for Bradley, who plays the lead male role and Lady Gaga’s love interest. “I think Bradley Cooper is a wonderful director and he made a really good film,” she said. As far as his singing skills, she didn’t have anything to complain about with that either. “It’s excellent. And his guitar playing, or his guitar mimicking or whatever he had to do to play, is extraordinary actually,” she added.

Though Barbra hasn’t seen the entire movie yet, there are aspects of the film that she admitted she really enjoyed. “It starts like my old movie, with the concert and he goes to a club and finds her. But they were able to put some new things in it which I liked,” she gushed. We’re not surprised Barbra loves the movie because honestly, who doesn’t?!