Another one bites the dust! With the recent news that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are heading for a divorce after 12 years of marriage, love in Hollywood is officially dead. While it's common for long-term couples to work things out, in the case of Keith and Nicole, sadly, things seem to be beyond repair. Tensions between the two have been building for quite some time. Reports as early as May 2017 have cited their marriage as being on the rocks — a sentiment that only continued to escalate well into the new year.

Now, an insider has told Life & Style, "Keith has moved out of the family home he shares with Nicole after a string of arguments. He’s been staying at a five-star hotel in LA." The source added that the main cause of their arguments is Keith’s growing friendship with John Mayer, which may be surprising to fans. "Nicole tried to put a ban on Keith spending time with John because she’s convinced he’s a bad influence on her husband," the insider said.

As far as what makes John a "bad influence" remains to be seen. We do know that John celebrated one-year of sobriety back in October, according to People, so partying is presumably not the issue. The insider added, "Keith’s been leaning on his brother, Shane, and has a group of close childhood friends who he’s been talking to daily."

The 50-year-old actress, on the other hand, has been confiding in longtime friend Naomi Watts. Naomi is no stranger to divorce, as she ended her 11-year partnership with Liev Schreiber back in 2016. "Naomi knows only too well how painful it is to go through this," the insider explained. "She’s been advising and supporting Nicole through everything."