In 2014, Mel Gibson began dating Rosalind Ross, and their 34-year age gap was a hot topic of conversation among the Braveheart actor’s fans. Years after their relationship first made headlines, many have wondered whether or not they are still together.

How Did Mel Gibson Meet Rosalind Ross?

Mel first met Rosalind in 2014 when she began working on a script for his production company, Icon Productions. The California native majored in literature at Emerson College. She became a screenwriter after graduation, with writing credits including 2014’s Matador, 2014’s Homeward and 2022’s Father Stu, the latter of which she also directed.

Rosalind revealed that Mel gave her pivotal career advice before making her directorial debut.

“He has been my mentor and a huge inspiration of mine. Braveheart is still my favorite movie of all time!” she told The A.V. Club in April 2022. “Undoubtedly, he’s been a huge influence. But I really want to create my own identity as a filmmaker, and I think I have a very distinctive, different identity from now [on after Father Stu]. And [Quentin] Tarantino is one of my favorites.”

Rosalind also earned an acting credit for an appearance in the 2016 short called A Social Life. After she and Mel began dating, the Academy Award winner addressed criticism of their age gap.

“Regarding age and relationships, it’s just a number,” Mel told The Mirror in November 2016. “We dig each other. She is an adult and we dig each other. It might cause a problem and one has a trepidation about these things, but it’s working out great. She is a really special person. I dig her. So there you go. That’s it. What more can one ask?”

Mel Gibson wears tuxedo and poses with girlfriend Rosalind Ross

Do Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross Have Any Children Together?

In September 2016, Mel and Rosalind announced they were expecting their first child together. Their son, Lars Gerard Gibson, was born in January 2017. Mel is also a dad to eight other children from previous relationships: Hannah Gibson, Edward Gibson, Christian Gibson, William Gibson, Louis Gibson, Milo Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Lucia Gibson.

One month after welcoming their little boy, Mel and Rosalind stepped out together for a rare appearance at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Are Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross Stil Together?

Though the pair are pretty private about their relationship, Mel and Rosalind are still together. They were photographed spending time with Lars in Venice during a family stroll in November 2022.