So many couples burst onto the home renovation scene together, including HGTV’s Ben and Cristi Dozier. They began their design journey in 2004 before rising to fame with the hit show Building Roots in 2022. Since then, viewers have been itching to learn more about their personal lives. Scroll below to find out whether or not the duo are still together.

How Did Ben and Cristi Dozier Meet?

Ben and Cristi first met in a youth group at a church when they were teenagers. They attended a debutante ball together and fell in love rather quickly. They waited to get married in 2000 after Cristi graduated from Texas A&M University. She was 23 years old at the time of their union.

Do Ben and Cristi Dozier Have Children?

The TV hosts welcomed four children together after their nuptials: Adelyn, Gunnison, Creede and South. Their eldest daughter, Adelyn, was only 9 months old when they launched Root Design Company.

“I can remember when we thought of the name Root Design,” the mom of four recalled to HGTV in March 2022. “We had the name before we started the business. And we loved the word ‘root’ because it meant the source from which things grow. Yes, it started as a landscape company, but we felt like it lended itself to be whatever we wanted it to grow into.”

The pair uprooted their life in Texas and moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, to raise their little ones. Ben and Cristi fell in love with a charming Victorian home that is more than 100 years old and knew they had to jump on the opportunity to purchase it.

“We can take ski trips on a random day and skip school,” Ben said of the decision to move. “If the water’s good, we go fishing. If it’s a beautiful sunset, we take a walk. There’s just more space to get out and take that time.”

Cristi Dozier kisses husband Ben Dozier on the cheek
Courtesy of Ben Dozier/Instagram

Are Ben and Cristi Dozier Still Together?

Ben and Cristi are still together, but the pair did admit to going through a difficult time in their marriage.

“We’ve hit some rough patches but I’d say we’ve worked through them and they’ve grown us into a stronger relationship,” Cristi said during an episode of the podcast “4 Things With Amy Brown” in November 2020.

The design star recalled hitting “rock bottom” in her marriage to her husband when their kids were much younger. To get through it, she remembered that “hard things happen to us for a reason.” Their relationship has since grown stronger, and they celebrated the season 2 premiere of Building Roots in September 2023.