Baby Archie‘s christening is likely to be the biggest event to ever happen in London since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal wedding. Apparently, the little guy’s christening will be so exclusive that not everyone in Meghan’s family thinks they’ll get an invite, including half brother Thomas Markle Jr.

“I can’t say whether I’m going to be invited, you know, I can’t say if Meghan is going to say, ‘OK, enough is enough and, yes, I want my family back in my life,’” Thomas, 53, explained to Express. “That would be wonderful but I can’t answer that question. Of course we all want to be there, because that is a big deal.”


When the former Suits star married Harry in May 2018, she only invited mom Doria Ragland from her side of the family. Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr. and his two younger kids — Thomas Jr. and Samantha Markle, 54 — had to watch the royal nuptials on TV just like everybody else.

“I’m on a personal crusade to better the family image right now and it’s going be a slow, long process,” Meghan’s half brother admitted. However, when Meghan’s baby boy, Archie, was born in early May, he did an interview with The Sun and revealed how much he wants his nephew to help change the dynamic of their family.

Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“Hopefully this baby will help mend the family rift. We’d all love to meet the baby and become a part of his life — especially my dad,” Thomas said at the time. “I’m hoping that becoming a mother will open up her eyes and shed light on what family means. Maybe she will see the importance of family now — and open up to my dad and let him be part of the baby’s life.”

Only time will tell if Thomas, Samantha and their dad will get an invite to baby Archie’s royal christening. We hope they attend so the Markle clan can put all this drama behind them!