Annie Lennox has been dealing with severe back pain for quite some time now, and she recently opened up about it.

The 64-year-old took it to Instagram to share with her fans and followers that she’s been dealing with a bad back for a while, as she even had to have a back operation. “Gratitude. We are but human… Things happen to our bodies as we traverse through life,” the former Eurythmics singer wrote in the caption. “Over a decade ago I had to have a back operation and a lot of things changed after that. Long story.. but I occasionally suffer from excruciating nerve pain, which comes in with vengeance when I least expect it.”

Annie continued, “It hit over New Year and I’m hoping it will settle down as I go into the 3rd day. It has given me an insight as to what others have to deal with.. far more or less than this. My gratitude when it dies down is immeasurable. Fingers and toes crossed this too shall pass…”

Annie Lennox
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Annie suffered a back spasm which forced her to leave an Aids conference in Mexico way back in 2008. The “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” singer was then rushed home for surgery to release a trapped nerve near her spine, which had caused her left foot to go “freezing and numb.” At the time, Annie had this to say: “I’m walking with an almost imperceptible limp, but that ain’t bad considering I didn’t know if I was going to be permanently disabled a couple of weeks ago.” She added, “Now I’m empathizing with anyone I see on the street who walks with a cane or a disability. Not that I didn’t before, but now I feel like we’ve got a lot in common. If we all could get a sense of walking in someone else’s shoes, then we’d understand each other so much better.”

We hope Annie feels better soon, because she may have to accept the Golden Globe on Jan. 6 for her song “Requiem for a Private War” for the film of the same name.