Everyone’s favorite weatherman Al Roker will be out of commission for a bit, as he recently underwent hip replacement surgery.

The 65-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday, September 18 to inform all of his fans and followers that his bad hip would need some fixing. “Well, here I am waiting to see the surgeon,” the TV personality shared in a clip while speaking from a hospital bed. “Will see you soon — keep you updated and of course document this on the Today show, third hour of Today, blah blah blah.”

Al — who had a procedure called hip resurfacing today — also captioned the post, “Well, here we go!! Waiting to get my #totalhipreplacement I’m ready!!” Plenty of people rushed to give their support in the comments section, including some familiar NBC faces. “Hope you ordered the bionic hip! You got this Uncle Al!” coworker Carson Daly wrote. “Good luck, Al!” Katie Couric added.

The Never Goin’ Back author mentioned his hip on Tuesday’s episode of Today. “All of a sudden, I started feeling this twinge in my hip — and then my back was acting up,” he revealed on air. “It seems like my hip went fairly quickly … It’s not like I’m crying at night, but, you know, it hurts.” However, not to worry, because Al is expected to be back on the air by the end of September. Good news!

It is pretty clear that the father-of-three is beloved everywhere, especially at work. “He leads by example and I’m not saying that to sound cheesy, but I have never heard a negative word about Al Roker anywhere,” Sheinelle Jones, one of his 3rd hour cohosts recently told People. “Not a negative mumbling — nothing. In this building, Al is Al. And because he’s so calm and because he’s so measured, it’s genuine. And when it’s time to be serious or he has something to say — people listen. He doesn’t overuse his influence. I’ve learned by watching you, Al.”

Al Roker
Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Another coworker, fellow meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, added, “I find the most wisdom in emulating someone and I think even if I come to [Al] with concern or I’m worried about something, or something is stressing me out — [Al] shrugs his shoulders and just says, ‘It’s fine. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to work out and it’s going to be fine.'” She continued, “I think for someone like him who has been in this business for so long and has seen it all — it’s reassuring.”

We wish Al nothing but the best moving forward!