If you haven’t caught Today lately, then you missed out on quite the makeover! Well, Al Roker simply got new glasses, but people are going crazy for them!

The 64-year-old recently turned in his black-rimmed glasses for a bold blue pair, and let’s just say that everyone has been a fan of the big change, including his cohost Savannah GuthrieTake a look at the proof below!

“Everybody’s stealing my baby blue @domvetro glasses,” the popular weatherman captioned the above photos on Instagram. With Savannah, 47, adding on Twitter, “I liked @alroker’s specs so much I stole them!” And if you scroll through, you will clearly see that fellow Today personality Craig Melvin was also all about the hip spectacles. But the love wasn’t simply coming from the Today studios, it was also coming from Hollywood, as Rita Ora stepped in for a photo with Al.

“We just watched the amazing @ritaora perform here at @todayshow,” he captioned the photo, making sure to smile wide. The fans were also loving Al’s new look, as they rushed to comment on them. “Love your new glasses,” one user stated, with another adding, “Your glasses! You look great in them too! You are totally rock’n them Al!!” One person responded with, “I think you look great in them. They are fresh and fun. Two thumbs up.”

And it’s pretty clear that Al himself is loving his choice in eyeglasses, at least judging by all the photos he’s been sharing on his Instagram. Have a look below at this one …

… and this one

… and there’s even this one!

Although not everyone is about these blue glasses, as during the third hour of Today, Al revealed that his wife, Deborah Roberts felt the frames were “too cartoony.” The TV personality simply responded with, “These glasses look good on everybody.”

If you’re interested in sporting Al’s eyeglasses, they are going to cost you as they go for $295. Although a similar version is available at Warby Parker for $95.