When Al Roker gets up every morning to deliver the news on NBC, his coworkers never fail to realize how hard he works to be one of the top anchors on the Today show.

“He leads by example and I’m not saying that to sound cheesy, but I have never heard a negative word about Al Roker anywhere. Not a negative mumbling — nothing. In this building, Al is Al,” Sheinelle Jones, one of his 3rd hour cohosts, recently gushed about the TV personality to People. “And because he’s so calm and because he’s so measured, it’s genuine. And when it’s time to be serious or he has something to say — people listen. He doesn’t overuse his influence. I’ve learned by watching you, Al.”

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Sheinelle isn’t the only one whose been influenced by him. The 64-year-old journalist’s colleagues Craig Melvin and Dylan Dreyer also have a lot of great things to say about good ol’ Al.

“I find the most wisdom in emulating someone and I think even if I come to [Al] with concern or I’m worried about something, or something is stressing me out — [Al] shrugs his shoulders and just says, ‘It’s fine. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to work out and it’s going to be fine,’” Dylan admitted. “I think for someone like him who has been in this business for so long and has seen it all — it’s reassuring.”

Al also gives great advice too. Craig said the best lesson he’s ever learned from Al is to never be afraid to say “No.”

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“The power of ‘No’ is an amazing thing. And don’t give an explanation,” Craig noted. “Just say ‘no. You can always go to ‘yes,’ but if you start with ‘yes,’ then you’re dead. So, start with ‘no.’ Especially when it comes to doing stuff that is not important — things that take you away from your kids — start with ‘no.’”

Al’s the best!